Project Title:FAIRTSTART

Project Action:LEONARDO DA VINCI Multilateral project Development of Innovation

Duration:24 months

Starting Date:01.10.2008

Budget:535.000 Euro


  • Aarhus Social and Health Care College (Denmark)
  • ARGO (Denmark)
  • CAEA (Cyprus)
  • FEG (Romania)
  • Università delle LiberEtà (Italy)
  • Die Berater (Austria)
  • Kocaeli Valiligi AB Projeler Koordinasyon Merkezi
  • Espiral (Spain)

Summary and Aim of the Project

A large number of European citizens are excluded even before the age of three: Excluded from lifelong learning, from the knowledge society and from the training of the eight key competences adopted by the Commission. As a consequence, these specific citizens (23,000 children under the age of three) will not be able to live fulfilling lives. The citizens in question are the orphaned children placed in care in various kinds of orphanages in most European countries.

Summary and Aim of the Project

The FAIRstart project builds on a very important premise: That learning competence and relevant social behaviour development depend to a large extent on the first learning processes developed in the parent/child relationship from birth and up to the age of 3. When this early relation is formed, the child acquires basic functions for learning in general: However, as the orphanage staff is not fully qualified to act in the parents' stead, they are unable to provide the orphaned children with the basic human care and basic learning ability necessary to develop learning to learn capacity and competences.


The FAIRstart project has a twofold objective. The first is to provide basic learning material for orphanage staff, and the second is to contribute to the EU's lifelong learning policies on basic learning ability awareness.